Networks / LAN-WAN
We have Cisco Certified Network Administrators on staff.

Cisco is the leading manufacturer of network equipment worldwide. Because of this we feel it is important to continually train our staff on the latest technologies Cisco has to offer. We have years of experience with Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls. We also use products from Watchguard, Netgear, Linksys, Proxicast, Dell, and Esoft!

Virtual Private Networks

Do you need to connect two remote offices securely by using broadband connections? We can connect any location with a industry standard IPSEC VPN connection. Using the latest encryption, the connection will be fast, secure, and reliable.

Server / Desktop / Software
Absolute Network Solutions can provide any manner of server support you might need. From building a new domain from the ground up to supporting an existing setup. We work extensively with all forms of Linux and Windows server software, including Small Business Server, and Windows Server up to the current version – 2016. We can also virtualize your server environment using VMWare ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V saving you both hardware expense, support costs, and less disaster recovery time.

Enterprise level desktops are essential to efficient operations in any organization.  Standard “big-box” store computers aren’t designed to run for the length of time that is normal for a business environment, nor is the operating system designed to work on a network with a Windows domain / network.  We spec your desktop computers to ensure you have speed and reliability for the duration of the life-cycle.

We will help you setup and maintain a variety of software including Autocad, Quickbooks, SAP, Microsoft Office, Corel Suites, and many others. Windows 10 has now been released and it is a big favorite of our customers thanks to its increased reliability, security, and performance.